Questions & Answers About Franchising With Hank & Harry's

How much is the initial investment for a Franchise ?
Hank and Harry’s Deli offers you the opportunity to operate a fresh quality family friendly deli in 3 distinct models. We offer the smaller fast casual inline unit at 1200-1300 sq. ft., the nontraditional model for malls, stadiums and airports, and the 3000 sq., ft. full service model. The initial investment to establish a Hank and Harry’s Deli ranges from a low of $400,000 to a high of $600,000, which includes the franchise fee of $40,000. The typical cost to open a Hank and Harry’s deli  is right in the middle of the quoted range of $400,000 to $600,000 including all fees and soft cost.
How much is the fee for the continuing support services from Hank and Harry’s?
The continuing services, or “royalty” fee, is 5 % of your gross sales which is paid on a weekly basis. The fee entitles you to use the Hank and Harry’s Deli trade name and the associated service marks, access to the operational systems, marketing assistance, ongoing business development, purchasing agreements, full hands on operations support, ongoing training, business consulting and other benefits that come with being a part of the Hank and Harry’s Deli system.
What are the qualifications that you look for in a Franchisee ?
The following qualifications, among others, are essential in order to be considered a franchisee:
*A strong desire to succeed by delivering a remarkable experience to our customers.
* The ability to manage finances and keep controllables in line for maximum profitability.
* The ability to meet the minimum financial qualifications .
* The ability to build revenues through building and operating stores effectively and to Hank and Harry’s Deli standards.
Can I have a partner(s)?
Yes, he/she/they must meet all minimum qualifications and be required to complete and submit an application.
What about advertising ?
The Hanks and Harry’s Deli brand and reputation is an important part of you business. You are required to spend $15,000 on grand opening advertising within the first 3 months of operations. We will provide you with guidelines for your grand opening activities. You will also be required to spend one half of one percent (.5) of you Gross sales on a Monthly basis on local store marketing and promotions in your trade area. In addition, you will be required to contribute 2% of your Gross sales on a weekly basis to the system wide Marketing Fund, designed to promote the overall Brand awareness.
How much training is provided in the Hank and Harry’s deli system ?
You and /or your designated general manager will be required to attend an initial training course of approximately 5 weeks. The kitchen manager/ key employee will be required to attend a one week training program. The initial training will focus on various aspects of your Deli and include both classroom and on the job training. We provide this training as part of your Initial Franchise Fee.
What form of business start up assistance and ongoing support will I receive?
Seven days prior to the open of your operation Hank and Harry’s will provide you with a minimum of 3 certified trainers. These trainers will remain in the unit for a minimum of 6 days after the opening of the business. If additional support is required and requested by the Franchisee it will be made available at an additional expense of the franchisee . In addition , throughout the franchise term , we will provide operational assistance and guidance is various aspects of your Hank and Harry’s Deli unit. We will also loan you a copy of the Hank and Harry’s Operations manual containing specification, standards and procedures.
What is the term of the hank and Harry’s deli Franchise Agreement ?
The Term of the Franchise Agreement is 10 years. If you have substantially complied with the terms of the Franchise Agreement the Franchise is renewable for 2 terms of 5 years each.
What is my next step ?
Complete the confidential Franchise Information form and return to us. If after reviewing your qualifications, we feel you have the potential to join the Hank and Harry’s Franchise system, you will be invited to meet with us in person. If you have any questions please feel free to call (305) 397-8509 and we will get right back to you.